If you’re trying to eat better, a good solution is to bring your own lunch box to work.

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After all, these two ingredients work really well to give you that
feeling of being full. Processed food, such as cookies and candy,
usually contains little of these two elements, and they make you
hungry in no time because they are easily absorbed by the
body. That’s why it’s rarer to feel full on a bag of chips than on a
generous helping of fiber. The feeling of satisfaction is a key
point to lose weight .
Olive oil, hummus, tomato and cucumber salad… Mediterranean
cuisine is delicious, full of flavors and very healthy. Studies
indicate that this type of cooking decreases the risk of heart
attacks , helps with memory and even decreases the risk of
breast cancer in women. Sasson has an interesting point of
view: perhaps the secret of people who live near the
Mediterranean (and live a lot) is not what they eat, but what they
don’t eat , like processed food and lots of fried foods. You can
already imagine that soda and processed juices
aren’t fantastic for your health, right?

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